BrainBox - FAQ
  • What is BrainBox?

    BrainBox is a simulation application, for general scientific purposes. It is very similar to MatLab/Simulink from MatWorks.
    BrainBox engine is based in block diagrams simulations.
    So it can only understand blocks and connections between them.
    BrainBox provides a standard blockset, with some of the most used blocks in control theory, but by using the extensions points, you can create you own blocks.

  • Where do I get BrainBox?

    You can download BrainBox from SourceForge You can get more info in download page.

  • What's the difference between the files?

    There is two main groups of files: the client and the server applications. The client contains the User Interface and the simulation engine. The filename looks like brainbox-x.x.x-<arch>.tar.gz
    The server only contains the simulation engine based on J2EE architecture and the WebServices interfaces. The filename looks like brainbox-server-x.x.x.war

  • Do I need to install the server version to run?

    No. You can run BrainBox with the client version.

  • Can I run the BrainBox within my application?

    Yes. There is two ways of doing this. You can use the BrainBox API to create you models and simulated then, without the user interface.
    You can also run a BrainBox simulation via WebServices, if you have a BrainBox server running.

  • In what Linux distribution can I run BrainBox?

    BrainBox was tested in Slackware 10.1. I don't see any trouble installing in another distribution, since you have the correct JRE installed and the GTK libraries. If you have some trouble installing, please contact me.

  • Can I run BrainBox in Java 1.4?

    Yes. You can run BrainBox in Java 1.4. The only issue I found was that you can have some troubles plotting Graphs in Linux. I recommend using Java 1.5 in Linux.

  • Under what license BrainBox is distributed?

    BrainBox is distributed with CPL 1.0 license. For more information click here

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